Carpenteria Bluffs
Santa Barbara, CA

Beginning in 2015, Restoration Packaging partnered with Channel Islands Restoration to help restore damaged areas of the Channel Islands and mainland projects.  This site deals in particular with parts of Carpenteria State Beach and Carpenteria Creek .  For more information visit and read more about the site restoration engagement below:

CIR worked in partnership with South Coast Habitat Restoration, Carpinteria State Beach and the Carpinteria Creek Coalition (with funding provided by the Southern California Wetland Recovery Project) on a innovative project to remove iceplant at the foot of Carpinteria Creek at the State Beach. CIR staff and volunteers first "solarized" the iceplant (eradicated it by placing sheets of black plastic over the iceplant thereby heating it and depriving it of light). Then, while leaving the dead iceplant in place, CIR staff and volunteers installed nearly 2000+ native plants after the plastic was removed.

Working with the County of Santa Barbara, Channel Islands restoration supervised the removal of giant reed (Arundo donax) from a two-mile stretch of Carpinteria Creek. During the length of the project, CIR removed 42 tons of Arundo from the creek.