By working with Restoration Packaging™ we can literally plant millions of plants each year and promote a more sustainable coffee cup.

Mint & Craft

Restoration Packaging™ not only supplies us with amazing compostable products, they also help us with monthly promotions and marketing support!

Doc Burnsteins

Restoration Packaging™ was able to create a customized bowl, spoon, pint and quart product line for us.  They also helped us work towards a Benefit Corporation certification as well!

License our Planting Program

By licensing our Restoration Program™ and trademarks, you are able to offer a highly engaging Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign through your brand.  You will be able to advertise that your company is planting a plant with each product served that is paired with the program.  Utilize our backend restoration site and group database and network to plant millions of plants a year in your consumer's local communities through each product they purchase through your brand.  Highly scalable and easily adaptable to your operations, we are hear to help design and successfully launch a planting program that will surely showcase your brand as the local hero in your consumer's communities.

Keep Existing Supply Chain

A unique feature with our licensing program is the ability for our licensing partners to keep their existing supply chain.  Keep your current supplier, just pair our trademarks, back end planting software, platform and program with your products and market to your customer base.

Rapid Scaling

By working with our fully integrated team of marketing specialist, supply chain experts, data and software engineers, we can create a custom all inclusive planting program specific for your brand and products in a timely fashion.  By utilizing our extensive network of restoration sites and groups throughout the globe, we can have a program designed, branded and launched in the matter of a few weeks.  Pilot, analyze, re-launch and scale.  Our goal is to plant millions of plants a year through your brand and ensure that your company gets the credit it deserves for running such an ambitious consumer engagement program that truly benefits their local communities.


Our licensing program is designed for national and multinational corporate customers. Increase your CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility programs by licensing Restoration Packaging™ planting engagement.