Customer Support

Each of our distribution partners receives one on one support.  Whether it be marketing, sales or fulfillment support, our team works 24/7 to ensure your operation runs smoothly when carrying Restoration Packaging™ products.

Bulk Discounts

Bulk discounts are eligible once your orders exceed $2500 per purchase.  Additional discounts apply with each volume tier, sku variation, market volume and marketing variation.  Contact us today to open an account and begin distributing the best, sustainable products on the market!

Convenient Warehouse Facilities

We have strategically partnered with 3PL partners to position ourselves with the most convenient warehouses throughout North America and throughout strategic international hubs. We have access to hundreds of warehouses internationally with strategically located warehouses in popular distribution hubs.  Contact us today to begin a supply chain relationship!

Daily Fulfillment

All orders are shipped out within 24 hours of purchase.  If your order does not ship out within 24 hours, your order is free!  We understand how reliant our customers are on our high volume products.  Therefore, we want to ensure our distribution partners are equipped with a fast and reliant sustainable packaging company as well.  Contact us today to receive fast and reliant order fulfillment!

Varied Product Lines

We are market professionals when it comes to strategic compostable and recyclable items within the foodservice disposable industry.  Our product line offers a diverse, unique and competitively priced sku offering, which allows your sales team to promote new product offerings to new and existing customers within your network, always allowing your sales reps to leave customer shops with a sale.  Our research shows that your sales team will increase customers, sales and improved moral by adopting our diverse product and one-for-one planting program.

Assigned Sales Team

With each distribution partner, we are able to assign specific sales reps and regional sales teams to assist with the promotion of our Restoration Product Line.  Whether that means sending out our sales reps to help assist your sales team in producing leads, promote new products or close deals, our regional sales teams will be there.  

Marketing Support

We understand what it takes to create a successful partnership.  We are happy to cooperate in local vendor showcase shows, work with your sales team on in field product promotions, lead generation, extended marketing support and product promotions when either opening up an account with our new distribution partners or expanding our product market reach with our distribution partners.  Contact us today to open up an account and promote Restoration Packaging™ within your local customer markets!

Media Exposure

Our sustainable products and one-for-one planting model generates ALOT of media exposure.  However, what we love more than this media exposure, is the ability to showcase our partners and customers as the real heroes, when using our products.  It's partners and customers like you who allow us to plant millions of plants each year and to help reduce waste in your local communities.  You deserve just as much of the positive media exposure, so we love to showcase your brand and customers front and center when it comes to local and national media attention.

Community Hero / Increased Engagement

It is partners and customers like you who allows us to plant millions of plants each year.  Your operations and team deserve to be showcased as the local heroes.  By adopting our Restoration™ product line within your product offering, there will be an increase in customer engagement and media publicity.  We want to highlight your operations and partnership as the community heroes, helping distribute and introduce a new innovative sustainable product line that gives back to their communities. Contact us today to help restore your local community's landscapes.

“Do Good” Distribution

Restoration Packaging™ is a certified Benefit Corporation, which means we are in this business to do good.  By adopting our product line, you are now a "Do Good" distribution partner, helping promote the most sustainable product line within the disposables market.  We pride ourselves in working alongside our distribution partners to create long term, sustainable and transparent relationships which ultimately results in increased success for both of our businesses.  Work with us in order to do more good distribution!


We love to work with our distribution partners!  Whether your a local specialty distribution operationor a multinational, we have the team and product lines for you.


By working with Restoration Packaging™ we can literally plant millions of plants each year and promote a more sustainable coffee cup.

Mint & Craft

Restoration Packaging™ not only supplies us with amazing compostable products, they also help us with monthly promotions and marketing support!

Doc Burnsteins

Restoration Packaging™ was able to create a customized bowl, spoon, pint and quart product line for us.  They also helped us work towards a Benefit Corporation certification as well!