Vancouver Island
British Columbia, Canada

In British Columbia, there has been a significant outpouring of support to protect the old growth forests. Each year almost 200,000 hectares of old growth forest are cut. The government of British Columbia has established an Old Growth Strategy and have developed a Commission on Resources and Environment which has designed a sustainable land-use and restoration strategy.  This program taps into the forest reclamation, habitat expansion and land restoration.

Planting Details

Estimated Planting Date - June / July 2018 Estimated


Plants to be Planted - TBD (Based off national pilot results)


Estimated Seeds to be Sown - TBD (1:10 / 1:50 Germination Rate)


Details - The restoration and reclamation season takes place between April and November typically in British Columbia. For restoration purposes, rainy weather followed by warm sunny days are required. We have partnered with the organizations listed below in order to conduct the “Buy This Cup. Grow a Plant” program plantings for the National Pilot on Vancouver Island.