Rocky Mountain Preserve
Boulder, CO

Our most recent restoration site in Colorado is Rocky Mountain Preserve, with restoration partners Wildland Restoration Volunteers.  To learn more about Wildland Restoration Volunteers please visit them at the link provided

Rocky Mountain National Park is working on restoring the Bear Lake Area and they need help collected Native Seed for this project.

This is a full day project with a special treat! All volunteers have the option of camping out Friday night and enjoying the park on Saturday. We will be organizing a fun pot-luck dinner for our evening at the campsite where folks can show off their favorite campfire creations. 

This is our 3rd year collecting seed with our favorite folks at RMNP. 

Wildland Restoration Volunteers conduct seed collecting, seed dispersal, seedling plantings, trail restoration and native corridor restoration multiple times per month at this designated restoration site as well as many others in the local area.  We encourage local residence to reach out to these restoration coordinators to volunteer and become more involved!