Fort McMurray Fire
Alberta, Canada

The Fort McMurray Fire was one of the biggest in Canadian history, burning over 590,000 hectares or 1.5 million acres.  The fire forced 88,000 people evacuate while burning down 2,400 residential structures.  This project works with private land owners to restore and rebuild vital forest ecosystems throughout the community while enhancing watershed re-establishment.

Planting Details

Estimated Planting Date - April / May 2018


Estimated Plants to be Planted - 182,000


Estimated Seeds to be Sown - 2M-10M (1:10 / 1:50 Germination Rate)


Details - The restoration and reclamation season takes place between April and November typically in British Columbia. For restoration purposes, rainy weather followed by warm sunny days are required. We have partnered with the organizations listed below in order to conduct the “Buy This Cup. Grow a Plant” program plantings for the Alberta Pilot in Fort McMurray.