San Luis Obispo, CA

Named after a now submerged rock formation, Whale Rock Reservoir provides a portion of San Luis Obispo’s water supply, as well as that of the California Men’s Colony, Cuesta College, California Polytechnic State University, and Camp San Luis Obispo National Guard Camp. Unfortunately, intensive grazing and deforestation have left the slopes of the reservoir highly unstable. Add to this a raised water level from the flooding of the reservoir, and the results can be disastrous–major slumping along the steep slopes above the reservoir threaten the body of water’s storage capacity, have inhibited recreation, and necessitate expensive mitigation to protect Old Creek Road along its southern edge.

Whale Rock Reservoir is our pilot restoration site where we will be scheduled to restore 1-3 acres totalling over 500,000 new native species to be planted through hydroseeding efforts.  Overgrazing and erosion has called for bank stabalization leading into the reservoir.  Our efforts will help reduce runoff into the reservoir as well as provide more wildlife habitat at the preserve.

This pilot site and an additional pilot site in Boulder, CO will showcase how we plan to address future restoration sites and will be used to garnish more professional relationships with respectable restoration professionals throughout the US.  We plan to expand our restoration efforts throughout the state of California and Colorado by the end of 2017, further expanding our restoration efforts throughout the Western United States by the end of 2018.